Achievable Housing Definition

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Achievable Housing Definition Final Review- 10-15-21

Based on 4 months of partner deliberations and input*, we propose the following final draft definition:

New Definition Proposed: “The definition of Community Achievable Housing, as recommended and adopted by the Mountain Housing Council, includes housing that meets the traditional definition of “affordable,” targeting the low-income community members (80% AMI) in our community, and also incorporates housing for local community members who earn more than 80% AMI, but still cannot afford market-rate housing in our region. Since market forces and AMI change frequently, the upper limit of Community Achievable Housing shall be tied to an annual housing needs assessment. Moving forward, local jurisdictions are encouraged to determine how to implement Achievable Local Housing in their own jurisdiction.”

*Thank you to the following partners who contributed to the new definition: Brett Williams, Agate Bay Realty; Chase Janvrin, Tahoe Prosperity Center; Emily Setzer, Placer County; Steve Frisch, Sierra Business Council; Teresa Crimmens, Sierra Community House; Supervisor Hardy Bullock, Nevada County; Alyssa Bettinger, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

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