Our Timeline

  • Launched Mountain Housing Council

    MHC launched and set target goals, defined “Achievable Local Housing,” and launched Tiger Teams for mapping public lands.

  • Released Policy Paper

    MHC released the policy paper on “Achievable Local Housing.”

  • Launched Tiger Team on Fees

    Funds: $26.9M | Units: 295

    MHC launched a Tiger Team on our second policy focus, Fees.

  • Community Meeting on Annual Update

    MHC and partners held a community meeting with an annual update on affordable housing in the region.

  • Released Policy Paper on “Fees”

    Funds: $42M

    MHC released a policy paper on Development Impact Fees, launched Tiger Team on Short Term Rentals, and launched Tiger Team on State Policy Agenda. The council also visited Factory OS to see manufactured housing.

  • Launched Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Tiger Team

    Funds: $46M | Units: 354

    In addition to launching the ADU Tiger Team, MHC also approved state policy platform for housing in the region.

  • Launched Tiger Team on “Next Entity”

    Funds: $46M | Units: 80

    MHC launched a Tiger Team on “Next Entity.”

  • Released ADU Policy Paper

    Funds: $49M | Units: 411

    MHC released an up-to-date ADU policy paper.

  • Approved 2020 State Policy Platform

    MHC approved the 2020 State Policy Platform.

  • Launched Funders Network Working Group

    Housing Funders Network – Local funders and resource partners that play a role in financially supporting local achievable housing projects and seek additional funding from outside agencies and donors to grow resources.

  • Approved 2021 State Policy Platform

    For the new 2021 State Policy Platform, the Mountain Housing Council (MHC) Policy Working Group built on the data and strategies developed in the 2016 Regional Housing Needs Assessment, the 2021 update of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, and the 2021 Regional Housing Action Plan to establish targets for action through the development of a regional policy platform.

  • Declared Emergency Proclamation Regarding Housing

    The Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee declared a housing emergency because the current housing crisis is threatening the livelihood and character of the region, its community members, and its businesses.

  • Released Regional Housing Implementation Plan

    As a starting point, this Regional Housing Implementation Plan updates the housing needs assessment originally conducted in 2016 as well as surveys of employees and employers in the region. These updated data are then used to inform the targeted resident population and depth of affordability sought for housing prototyped under the AHA process.

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