Soaring Ranch Multifamily Residential

Truckee, CA

Location: 10001 Soaring Way, Truckee
Contact Info: JMA Ventures, (415) 728-0782


This appartment complex will consist of mostly two-bedroom rental units but there will be some one-bedroom and three-bedroom units. Most of the rentals will be available at market rate but 15% of the units will be set aside for lower income levels. There will be up to 150 multi-family residential units planned and there will be approximately 18 units per acre.

Learn more about the Soaring Ranch development on the Town of Truckee’s website.

Schedule/ Process

Application submitted in 2019; Pending approval

How to get involved

Most online information about Soaring Ranch is primarily focused on the first phase of this project, which is already under construction to create retail space for Raley’s and ACE Mountain Hardware near the Truckee Tahoe Airport. As more details regarding the housing component of this project are developed, they will be shared on the Soaring Ranch website.  

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