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MHC’s State Policy Working Group met on November 30, 2020 to plan for the 2021-2022 legislative session. As a regional collaboration focused on local housing, we recognize our power to leverage the will, network, and resources of the Tahoe Truckee community to bring greater state-level awareness to our region and policies implemented on our behalf. The goal of the meeting was to recap the last legislative session, to provide an overview of the potential housing priorities that will be introduced in the next legislative session, and to begin developing MHC’s 2021 policy platform that will be used as the foundation of MHC’s advocacy efforts. The Policy Working Group will identify and prioritize issues based on relevancy to our region, likelihood to pass, and an assessment of risk, turning partners’ inspirations into a framework for a regional policy agenda that includes:

  1. Pandemic response and an eviction relief package
  2. Advocating for rural inclusion to the reintroduction of SB 50 or other anticipated housing package
  3. Recommendation to support continuous appropriation of AHSC Funding through 2030. This program has been instrumental in funding projects in our region, including employee housing at Coldstream and Northstar and the Railroad and Artist Loft projects.
  4. Recommendation for the state to cap rent increases.
  5. Advocating for the Green Means Go Program. A four-year pilot program that was considered by the State legislature to provide funding to accelerate new housing opportunities and cleaner transportation options in our area.

While the 2021-22 legislative session kicked off Monday, the legislature will fully reconvene in early January with bills introduced through mid-February. We’d like to hear your aspirations for housing in the region. Join us by contacting Kristina@ttcf.org. The Policy Working Group convenes monthly during the legislative session and then as needed during legislative recesses and is open to community members.

We can make a difference with our collective power.

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