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Mountain Housing Council Releases Accessory Dwelling Unit White Paper
Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee’s most recent paper highlights accessory dwelling units as one of many critical solutions to local housing challenges. 

TRUCKEE, Calif. – In an effort to increase local understanding of housing solutions and offer ideas on how to create more housing in the North Tahoe-Truckee region, the Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee (MHC) has conducted a study on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). The recently issued ADU White Paper highlights MHC’s research and how ADUs can be another tool to increase housing inventory throughout the region. 

An ADU is an attached or detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities from a property’s primary residence and is also referred to as a second unit, in-law unit, granny flat, residential unit, or guest suite. 

MHC produced the ADU White Paper in order to increase understanding of ADUs and how they create housing opportunities for those who live and work in the region. It also offers ideas on ways to increase the number of ADUs being built in our region and outlines ways to offer incentives to homeowners who want to rent an ADU to a long-term tenant. Also highlighted in the study are the numerous ADU laws recently passed by the State of California that are aimed at decreasing barriers to ADU creation. 

MHC recognizes that ADUs in the North Tahoe-Truckee region will help increase the diversity of housing types, accelerate solutions for achievable local housing, produce homes that are affordable by design, create more socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods, offer homeowners a solution for changing family and financial needs, and generate infill housing in existing neighborhoods without creating sprawl. 

The White Paper’s recommendations draw on a survey sent in August 2019 by MHC, the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe, and the Truckee Chamber of Commerce, and side- by-side comparisons of how similar communities throughout the country are approaching ADUs. 

The ADU White Paper can be viewed here.

The Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee, a project of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, is a regional coalition of diverse stakeholders working to accelerate solutions to achievable local housing. Over the past three years, these 28 partners have joined together to identify innovative policies, programs, and funding to create solutions for much needed locals’ housing. 


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