Oftentimes we think of housing from the perspective of homeowners, renters, employers, policymakers, and advocates. The Mountain Housing Council set out to share the perspective of the developer, a view often overlooked.

Developers are the ones who put money at risk, wade through the permitting and approval process, and deal with the challenges of construction. They are one of the keys to unlocking more achievable local housing. Policymakers can streamline the process, advocates can marshal support, and residents can make their voices heard — but in the end a developer is the one who puts a shovel in the ground to actually build housing.

To understand what developers encounter while developing a local housing project, we sat down to speak with Mike Foster of Triumph Development. Foster has a unique perspective on the process. He is currently building a project in Coburn Crossing near downtown Truckee with market-rate units and units that will be deed-restricted to local residents. Foster also has extensive experience building projects in another mountain town — Vail, Colorado.

Watch the video to get a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the development process through the eyes of a developer currently building a Truckee project for local residents.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU7dBFxje-I&w=560&h=315]

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