Developer Funding Request Form

Please fill out the following form in order to provide us with information about your project and to be considered for funding. Please also note that this information will be stored securely and kept confidential within the confines of the Mountain Housing Council.

Funding Request Criteria

The Funders Network has set the following criteria to consider projects. Please ensure you have a proforma included and entitlements in place before submitting your request.

  • Is the project possible? (Does it have enough in terms of other funding sources?)
  • Proforma included?
  • Entitlements in place?
  • Local workforce preference priority?
  • Willing to deed restrict?

In addition, the Funders network considers:

  • Housing type (for sale, rental, etc.)
  • Community benefit trade off (looking long term)
  • # and type of units (are they in ‘high need’ categories of studios, one-and two-bedrooms?)
  • Location, access, amenities
  • No environmental or land use restraints


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