Mountain Housing Council – 2.0
Metrics, Priorities & Implementation


At the July 17, 2020 Mountain Housing Council meeting, Partners broke into Breakout Sessions to provide guidance on Goals and Objectives and to prioritize the work for MHC 2.0. Our facilitators of the sessions met subsequently to debrief and inform this summary. Included below is a new way of looking at what we measure as a Council. Instead of setting Goals and Objectives, we propose tracking on one ultimate “Outcome” and managing a broader Data Agenda that tracks “Indicators” that help advance that one outcome. In addition, we have captured some thoughts about how the work will get done. We introduce the concept of “Standing Working Groups” and “Tiger Team” priorities for the first 18 months. This is not intended to be a complete workplan, but rather an opportunity to reflect back what we heard from the July 17th meeting and invite feedback before operationalizing the work.

Emerging Themes:

  • The housing crisis is still very real for our community and exacerbated by the current pandemic and economic impacts.
  • Concern, with shifting dynamics of our community, that we need to put a finer point on the definition of “Local” in our work. Further define what local means in our definition of “Achievable Locals Housing” or ALH.
  • Prioritize Implementation, Incentives, and Funding for Achievable Local Housing.
  • Data Agenda, Management, and Reporting is going to be a more complex and important role that we track as a region and not necessarily as MHC goals. Partners want to see more nuanced data that tracks housing progress across the region.
  • Continue to ground our conversations in the Collective Impact Framework and reinforce the role of the Community Foundation & MHC.

MHC’s One Overarching Outcome:
Keep our local workforce in the region.
Strengthen our community, environment, and economy by providing housing that our local workers can afford.

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