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The California Energy Commission (CEC) is announcing a new grant funding challenge in September for the next Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program.  Up to $48 million in funding to be awarded to multidisciplinary project teams who can design and build a medium- to-high-density mixed-use development that is affordable, equitable, emissions-free, and resilient to climate change impacts and extreme weather using cutting-edge energy technologies and advanced building design and construction practice.

Potential applicants are encouraged to attend the CEC’s upcoming virtual forum on Building Decarbonization on September 2-3. The forum will include designated times for potential applicants to network and explore partnering opportunities for this solicitation. Registration is free. For information on the event as well as registration, please visit the site.

Application due November 20, 2020

Projects will fall into four geographic funding groups:

  • Group 1: Bay Area Region 
  • Group 2: Central Valley/Northern California 
  • Group 3: Los Angeles Region 
  • Group 4:  Imperial Valley, Inland Empire, and San Diego County

The anticipated release date will be in September 2020 when interested stakeholders may submit a ten-page project abstract for the Concept Application due November 20, 2020. Selected applicants will then be invited to submit a full application for the Design Phase of the competition. Up to three project teams per region will be selected to receive a maximum award of $1 million per design project. Project teams are expected to incorporate the needs of the community and prospective tenants in their designs for a zero-emission, mixed-use development.

Project teams selected for the Design Phase will also be eligible to apply and compete to advance to the Build Phase. A distinguished panel of judges will select four winners for the Build Phase, one from each regional group. Winners from the Design Phase may receive up to $9 million to build their concept and bring their designs to life.

Tentative Key Dates

  1. Solicitation Release Time Frame: September 2020
  2. Deadline to Submit Concept Applications:  November 20, 2020
  3. Deadline to Submit Full Applications for the Design Phase: March 10, 2021 
  4. Deadline to Submit Application Materials for the Build Phase: February 24, 2023

Information and dates provided by the California Energy Commission.

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