Working to accelerate solutions to achievable local housing in the North Tahoe-Truckee region.

Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Upgrade Assistance

Regional Programs

Program Name: Project GO Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Program Description: Provides free weatherization services and products to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall utility costs.

Location Eligibility: Anywhere in region

Income Eligibility: Up to 80% of area median income for each jurisdiction


Program Name: GSFA (Golden State Finance Authority) Residential Energy Retrofit Program

Program Description: Provides financing up to $50,000 with a 6.5% fixed interest rate 15-year fully amortizing loan for homeowners making energy efficiency improvements to residential property(ies) they own. 100% financing is available and no equity requirements on property.

Location Eligibility: Anywhere in region.

Income Eligibility: No income limits.

Program Requirements:

  • Must be an energy efficiency project. Common examples include:
    • Insulation
    • Air sealing (foam and caulk)
    • Window and duct sealing
    • Heating System Upgrades
    • Efficient hot water heaters
    • Better controls and thermostats for furnaces and boilers


Program Name: Housing Rehabilitation USDA Grant & Loan Program

Program Description: Provides low-interest (1%) loans of up to $20,000 low-income homeowners to make needed repairs or improvements. For those 62 years or older, they may qualify for a onetime grant of up to $7,500 to remove health or safety hazards.

Location Eligibility: Unincorporated areas of Placer County

Income Eligibility: Low-income



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